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Let’s activate the heart of humanity

It starts with each one of us.

As you bring your physical, mental and emotional systems into coherent alignment, you begin to experience increased access to your heart’s intuitive guidance.

Tuning into your heart’s wisdom creates a profound shift within that helps you approach situations with more emotional balance, compassion, clarity and personal confidence.

“Dare to connect with your heart. You will be lifting not only yourself and those you love and care about, but also the world in which you live.”

- Doc Childre, HeartMath Founder

Cutting Edge Heart-Brain Science

For more than 25 years, HeartMath Institute has been researching the heart-brain connection and learning how the heart influences our perceptions, emotions, intuition and health.

HeartMath helps you tap into the power and intelligence of your heart – your heart’s intuition – which awakens you to the best version of yourself.

HeartMath Institute’s research demonstrates that different patterns of heart activity have different effects on your thoughts and behaviors.

Years of research
Independent peer-reviewed studies
Health professionals use with patients
Hospitals, schools, & organizations using HM

Studies conducted with over 11,500* people have shown improvements in mental & emotional well-being in just 6-9 weeks using HeartMath training and technology.

24% improvement in the ability to focus

30% improvement in sleep

38% improvement in calmness

46% drop in anxiety

48% drop in fatigue

56% drop in depression

* N= 11,903
Percent of individuals responding “often to always” on normed and validated pre and post Personal and Organizational Quality Assessment (POQA-R)

HeartMath provides a unique combination of science-based techniques, coherence technology, learning programs, and helpful certified HeartMath professionals.

Coherence Technology
Measure and improve your coherence with real-time feedback using the Inner Balance Trainer.
Learning Programs
Start with The HeartMath Experience, our free 90-minute introduction to HeartMath science and techniques.
Certified Professionals
Learn from Certified HeartMath Coaches, Mentors, Health Professionals and Group Trainers.

How to get started? We suggest starting with the Inner Balance Trainer and The HeartMath Experience. This will give you the techniques to shift your emotional state, the technology to measure and refine the shift in real-time, and an understanding of the science to help you reactivate this state when you need it.

From Stress to Coherence

Accumulated stress is often the underlying cause of common challenges, such as anxiety, anger, depression, lack of sleep, illness, and more.
Activating coherence helps you prevent and relieve stress and anxiety while balancing your mental and emotional energy — which connects you with your higher creative potentials.

Experience the Shift

Stressed, anxious, reactive, mental fog, impatient, sleep-deprived
Resilient, energized, joyful, patient, mentally clear, intuitive
Reduce Stress
Improve Sleep
Restore Energy
Balance Emotions
Increase Focus
Tap into your Intuition

“Wow, talk about a miracle. I save energy and have stopped running myself ragged. The person I have always wanted to be, I am now!”

- Amelia
  • “Remarkably, simply by recalling a positive emotion the heart rhythms smooth out.”

  • “Not only does HeartMath reduce fluctuations in heart rate and blood pressure, it can increase mental acuteness and overall performance.”

  • “Positive emotion-focused techniques, like those developed by HeartMath, can help individuals effectively replace stressful thoughts and emotional patterns with more positive perceptions and emotions.”

  • “The result (of using HeartMath’s tools is) less stress, more hope, and a chance for the heart to work with the brain to create an emotional atmosphere for healing.”

  • “Teaching you how to achieve self-regulation is the mission of Inner Balance (HeartMath’s technology). It’s a trainer, showing you how to calm yourself, relieving stress and giving you more control over your emotions.”

  • “(HeartMath is) …breaking ground on a new frontier of stress relief.”

  • “(HeartMath is) a mind-body approach that harnesses people’s ability to improve their health.”

  • “… ‘intentional heart focus’ has been found by the HeartMath researchers to create greater coherence in the heart in as little as one minute.”

  • “Getting to the heart of the matter can ease both the emotional and physical symptoms of high anxiety. This (HeartMath) technique can be done any time you experience anxiety or irritability.”

  • “This software opens a window on how a person’s body handles stress…and returns the body to a state of calm.”

  • “The HeartMath stress-reduction training program is transforming the way people live their lives.”

  • “More than positive thinking, [HeartMath techniques] it creates a definitive, heartfelt shift in how we view a situation, an individual or ourselves.”

  • “After breathing deeply and focusing on the image and sounds for just 3 or 4 minutes, my head felt clear and my body relaxed, which made me feel calm and rejuvenated — like I had energy but not the frantic caffeinated kind.”

The Inner Balance Trainer

Clip the Inner Balance Bluetooth Sensor to your ear
Measure your heart rate variability in real-time during live sessions
Receive coherence feedback and encouraging prompts

The Inner Balance™ Trainer provides you with the simple techniques you need to manage stress, revitalize energy, and restore mental and emotional balance and resilience. The technology displays your heart rhythm, measured by Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which indicates how emotional states affect your nervous system and how you feel.

HRV offers a unique window into the quality of communication between the heart and brain, which directly impacts how you feel and perform – and especially your resilience.

Recommended by health professionals worldwide, the Inner Balance Trainer teaches you how to generate a highly efficient physiological state called HRV coherence, which lifts the vibration of your emotional composure and clears your reasoning capacity.

A few minutes of daily coherence practice has been proven to reduce and prevent many of the negative effects of stress, such as scattered thoughts, feeling overwhelmed, emotional distortion, fatigue, exhaustion, sleep disruption, anxiety and burnout.

The HeartMath Experience

Our 90 minute video introduction to HeartMath science and techniques.
Learn the scientific principles of heart intelligence plus five techniques for bringing heart and mind into coherence to respond to daily challenges with more ease, awareness, balance and clear discernment.
  • “ Throughout my last 10 years of intensive trauma and attachment-focused clinical interventions, the science of HeartMath has proven to be one of my most effective tools. The state of high coherence makes all forms of intervention easier to implement and helps produce a long-lasting effect.”

    Steve, (LCSW, CSAC)
  • “ Since I started using HeartMath with overweight patients, I no longer give any dietary or nutritional information, and yet, my patients have the best results in weight loss I’ve seen in all my years of practice. Once they increased their heart coherence, eating in a way that’s beneficial came naturally.”

    David (MD, Psychiatrist)
  • “ During a 4-week program, the patient had tapered off all narcotic medications and switched to non-opioid medications and as happens so often, his pain was often decreased. He stopped talking about pain, his sense of humor returned, and he barely used his cane. He got his life back.”

    Nurse Practitioner

Get Certified, Train Others, Change The World

Join the thousands of mentors, coaches, therapists, doctors and managers certified to use HeartMath with their clients, patients and employees.

Looking for a coach or mentor who can bring HeartMath practices into your life?

Create a Heart-Based Organizational Culture

Ignite the intuitive intelligence of your workforce to improve decision-making, focus, engagement, communication, creativity, innovation and productivity.

HeartMath Solutions

HeartMath has developed practical solutions for relieving stress and anxiety, improving health and wellness, enhancing spirituality, and improving your performance. Activate the power and intelligence of your own heart and spirit. HeartMath solutions enable you to change what you couldn’t before.

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